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News #47 // Lecture on R / Science Salon @DRS / FU Campus Run / DFG Info Talks / BUA Mental Health Training / DRS Workshops / BUA Postdoc Academy




What they forgot to teach you about R – Lecture by Dr. Selina Baldauf // 20 April, 4-5 pm


Do you use R in your daily work and research but you still feel your workflow isn't as smooth as it could be? In this lecture, I will share with you my best tips from 8 years experience with R. We will cover those concepts and tricks that are often overlooked but can make a big difference. Whether you're a beginner or more experienced R programmer, this lecture will enhance your workflow and help you write clean, reproducible and reusable code in R.


When? Thursday April 20th, 4-5 pm

Where? Online on Webex


Further information and the Webex link can be found here: https://www.bcp.fu-berlin.de/en/graduiertenzentrum/promovierende/veranstaltungen/workshops/lecture-SB/index.html


This event is part of the lecture series “Scientific workflows: Tools and tips” that will take place online every third Thursday of a month for one hour. You are welcome to join!



DRS Science Salon


Do you have a conference talk coming up? Or an interview? Master scientific presentations and learn how to capture the interest of an audience: join the Science Salon @DRS! Participation is possible both as audience member only and as an active presenter. Feel free to register even if you do not plan to present anything but would like to observe and learn from your peers: https://www.drs.fu-berlin.de/node/83245.

Please note that to present your project, additional registration is necessary by email to aleksandra.skoric@fu-berlin.de (subject: DRS Science Salon), explaining in two sentences what motivates you.



FU Berlin Campus Run 2023 // 29 June


Am Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2023, lädt der Hochschulsport wieder zum Campus Run ein. Startplätze können bereits gebucht werden - und ein „Team BCP“ ist auch bereits eingerichtet. Wir freuen uns über Mitläufer*innen! Einfach Team BCP bei der Anmeldung angeben. 

Zur Buchung geht's hier. (Meldefrist: 19. Juni)

Drumherum findet wie im letzten Jahr das große FU-Sommerfest mit neuen Live-Bands und Mit-Mach-Aktionen statt.




On Thursday, June 29, 2023, the University Sports invites you again to the Campus Run. Starting places can already be booked - and a "Team BCP" has already been set up. We are looking forward to runners! Simply indicate Team BCP when registering.
Click here for booking. (Deadline: June 19)
Like last year, the big FU summer festival will take place with new live bands and activities.



DFG Prospects: Online Info Talks on DFG Funding Opportunities for Research Careers


Germany’s largest independent research funding organization offers funding opportunities for all career stages between doctorate and professorship. Join the online talk and get to know the DFG and its funding portfolio for postdocs. DFG offers an overview of all funding instruments for the time after your doctorate.


Next talks:

03.05.2023 DFG-Förderangebote für wissenschaftliche Karrieren (in German)

23.05.2023 Walter Benjamin Programme (in English)


More info here.



Berlin University Alliance - Glück Ahoi! - Gestärkt und gesund durch die Promotion


Glück Ahoi! - Gestärkt und gesund durch die Promotion

am Donnerstag, den 20.04.2023 und Freitag, den 21.04.2023.


Wir freuen uns Ihnen dieses Modul an einem besonderen und grünen Tagungsort in Dahlem anbieten zu können!


Haben Sie das Gefühl ständig angespannt zu sein, Probleme manchmal nicht bewältigen zu können und keinen Spaß mehr an der täglichen Arbeit zu erleben? Eine Promotion bedeutet mehr als nur das Schreiben der Dissertation. Der Leistungsdruck und der Grad der Eigenverantwortung ist hoch.

Dieses Modul hat ein kleines, aber feines Repertoire an kreativen Methoden aus der Positiven Psychologie und Glücksforschung, MBSR (Mindful Based Stress Reduction) und Resilienzcoaching. Es ermöglicht Ihnen einen besseren Umgang mit promotionsbedingtem Stress, stärkt Ihre psychische Widerstandsfähigkeit und unterstützt Sie dabei, mit den verschiedenen Herausforderungen in der Promotionsphase angemessen umzugehen und Ihre psychische Gesundheit zu erhalten.

Die Veranstaltung findet an einem ruhigen und grünen Ort in Berlin statt. Damit wir uns im Rahmen der Veranstaltung auf die eigenen Ressourcen, Stärken und Potentiale konzentrieren können, haben wir auch an die gesamte Gesundheit gedacht und so ist neben dem Tagungshaus mit einem parkähnlichen Garten auch für die Verpflegung gesorgt.


Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anmeldungen: https://events.tu-berlin.de/de/events/01865fbd-90fc-71b5-82ee-4dc7753efde2


Information: Es finden parallel zwei Gruppen statt.

·  Gruppe 1 (deutschsprachiger Durchgang)

·  Oder Gruppe  2 (englischsprachiger Durchgang)




Happiness Ahoy - Strengthened and healthy through the doctoral thesis

Thu, 20.04.2023 & Fri, 21.04.2023


We are pleased to offer you this module at a special and green conference location in Dahlem!


Do you have the feeling of being constantly tense, sometimes unable to cope with problems and no longer experiencing any fun in your daily work? A doctorate means more than just writing the dissertation. The pressure to perform and the degree of personal responsibility are high.

This module has a small but fine repertoire of creative methods from Positive Psychology and Happiness Research, MBSR (Mindful Based Stress Reduction) and Resilience Coaching. It enables you to better deal with doctoral-related stress, strengthens your psychological resilience and supports you in dealing appropriately with the various challenges in the doctoral phase and in maintaining your mental health.


The event will take place in a quiet and green place in Berlin. So that we can focus on our own resources, strengths, and potentials during the event, we have also thought about overall health and so, in addition to the meeting house with a park-like garden, catering is also provided.


We are looking forward to your registrations: https://events.tu-berlin.de/de/events/01865fc7-aedb-72ed-9369-37370f6707f6


Information: There will be two groups in parallel.

  • Group 1 (German-speaking)
  • or Group 2 (English speaking)



Upcoming DRS Workshops



April 14, 2023; 9 am - 5 pm

Further information and registration: https://www.drs.fu-berlin.de/node/83185


NEW!! Research Integrity: On Doing Sound and Ethical Science (Natural and Life Sciences)

June 21 – June 22, 2023; 9.30 am – 2 pm and 9.30 am – 4 pm

Online (June 21) and Dahlem Research School, Hittorfstr. 16, 14195 Berlin (June 22)

Further information and registration: https://www.drs.fu-berlin.de/node/83571



April 20, 2023; 1 pm – 3:30 pm

Further Information and registration: https://www.drs.fu-berlin.de/node/83200




May 25, 2023; 1 pm – 3:30 pm

Further Information and registration: https://www.drs.fu-berlin.de/node/83202




June 26, 2023; 1 pm – 3:30 pm

Further Information and registration: https://www.drs.fu-berlin.de/node/83203



July 7, 2023; 1 pm to 3:30 pm

Further Information and registration: https://www.drs.fu-berlin.de/node/83204




BUA Postdoc Academy – Kick-Off Event // 26 April


The Berlin University Alliance Postdoc Academy is coming to YOU!

Join your fellow postdocs from across the BUA partner universities for the Postdoc Academy Kick-Off Event on April 26th at the ‘Festsaal’ of Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Humboldt Graduate School, Luisenstr. 56. You can find the program here.

Registration: Become part of the Postdoc Academy and register now for the Kick-Off via this link.


Check out our first workshop offerings, designed exclusively for postdocs, and secure your spot quickly.