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News #1 // Introduction Graduate Center / Closing times of the Doctorate Office / Meeting of the Promo Ini BCP



Graduate Center at Department BCP

The department BCP starts to set up a graduate center. This is to serve as a service facility and contact point for all doctoral students in the department BCP and those interested in a doctorate. New offers will be added while the graduate center is still developing. Therefore, I would like to keep you informed about these offers and upcoming events by means of a newsletter and the website.

If you have any suggestions, wishes, comments or concerns regarding your doctoral training (e.g. supervision, professional and interdisciplinary further training, career opportunities, ...), please feel free to contact me at any time.


Coordination of the Graduate Center

My name is Alette Winter and since March 1, 2019 I have been working as a new employee at the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy. I am responsible for setting up the above mentioned graduate center in the department.

A short overview about my CV:

I studied chemistry at the University of Potsdam. During my studies (2004-2013), I worked as a student assistant as well as a teaching assistant in several departments within the chemistry faculty. I received my doctoral grade in inorganic chemistry in 2013. During my teaching activities I extended my knowledge in didactics of higher education. Subsequently, I worked for almost 5 years at the Hamburg University of Technology, where I was responsible for the coordination of two graduate programmes in the field of materials science.


Course offer

I would like to know how much need there is for the following courses:

-          Good Scientific Practice

-          Statistics

-          Open Access

Please write to me if you are strongly interested in at least one of these courses and tell me which one.

If you are interested in more or other courses, feel free to write me your suggestions.


Closing times of the Doctorate Office at the Department BCP

Due to a change of residence the office will remain closed from May 6 to May 17, 2019. Deadlines will be extended automatically until May 21, 2019. After the move you will find the office in room A025, Arnimallee 22, 14195 Berlin.

The office of the Graduate Center will also move to room A025, Arnimallee 22, 14195 Berlin.


Promo Ini BCP (Network of Doctoral Students)

During winter term 2017/2018 doctoral representatives were elected and can be found here. They act as spokespersons of the doctoral students at the department, discuss current issues and develop a common position of the doctoral students on important topics. Also, these representatives will always have an open ear for doctoral student problems. They organize monthly meetings where you can ask your questions, discuss your topic, meet new friends, complain away, exchange experiences, have a beer, etc.

Their next meeting will take place on April 11, 2019, 6 pm at the Pharmacy building, Kelchstr. 31, room 006. More information can be found in the flyer attached to this e-mail.