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The Cafete - used to be that thing in the Pflaphy foyer that looked like an oversized aquarium, with Harry, our chameleon mascot, sitting on it looking at all the crazy bio-students.Originally started as a project of the FSI, the Cafete grew big enough to become an independent project run by dedicated students. And even if the opening hours were rather unpredictable, there was usually someone there to provide others with super-cheap coffee, soft drinks and sometimes a beer.

What happened to put all this in the past tense?

On June 10, 2020, this centerpiece of almost 40 years of biology students was torn down under the direction of the university.We tried many things and after some "compromises" received a promise of a new space. We miss this special place on campus, where we could relax for a few minutes from the demanding daily university routine, or take a power nap on the red couch.

It was also the place to form friendships, to exchange ideas with fellow students, to have content explained to you by students from higher semesters, or to "talk shit" about your experiences with lecturers.even though we are currently not so much there to serve coffee to students, research assistants or visiting people. We will continue to exist and are always happy to welcome new members, not least to get started when our free space has doors again! Feel free to send us an email if you find this exciting and join us :)

Currently, the Cafete in the PflaPhy is not available as there are renovation works taking place. We will inform you as soon as the Cafete reopens!