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Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Welcome to the Department of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy

Thank you for your interest in the website of the Department of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy at the Freie Universität Berlin. The department offers a diverse range of outstanding opportunities for study, advanced scientific education and research (see sitemap). The three institutes in the Department, the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the Institute of Biology, and the Institute of Pharmacy, have excellent reputations and are networked with a number of leading non-university research institutions (see logos in column on the left).

Graduates of the diploma, teacher training, bachelor's and master's programs are well-qualified for potential jobs in a range of occupations and are much sought after in private sector industry and research.

Including assistant professors and S-professorships, there are currently 72 professorships in the department. The main fields of research in the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry are structural formation, function and chemical reactivity, stereoselective and macromolectular synthesis, molecular and medical biochemistry and structural biochemistry.

The Institute of Biology specializes primarily in molecular botany, microbiology, neurobiology, ecological processes, and animal and plant evolution and biodiversity in all its different expressions. The Institute of Biology and the Department also work closely with the Zentraleinrichtung Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum (Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum).

The Institute of Pharmacy focuses on drug development and testing, the analysis of natural substances, alternative testing methods, and innovative drug delivery systems.

As part of the restructuring of the study program in biochemistry, the program leading to a Diplom (degree diploma) is being discontinued; the new bachelor programs in biology and chemistry and the teacher training programs are already in effect. A master's degree program is offered for graduates of the teacher training programs, and graduates in biology can choose from three MSc. programs in biology. The Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers a successful bilingual master's program in English and German for graduates of the bachelor's program in chemistry. At present, all students enrolled for a degree in pharmacy have to take the State Licensing Examination in Pharmacy. However, new study programs are currently being developed for pharmacy students.

If you have any questions or suggestions, in the column on the left you will find the names of the contact persons in the Dean's Office, the department administration, the institutes, the service institutions, etc. 


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