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Dear Freshmen,

We are glad that you have chosen to intensify the scientific exploration of life (“bios” in ancient Greek) with us.

However, every new site of a journey begins with new steps, and sometimes obstacles arise along the way. That is why we have prepared a comprehensive parcour on the following pages to help you overcome these obstacles and ensure that you have a lot of fun and success in your studies.

We have organized a series of days for you to familiarize yourself with one another, the campus, and the institute.

When we say “we,” we refer to the staff responsible for student advising in biology at Freie Universität:

  • Dr. Vanessa Zacher, Office of Academic Affairs,
  • Nina Guethert, Office of Academic Affairs,
  • Sarah Adam, Examination Office,
  • Rafaela Münch, Mentoring Office,
  • Juliane Gill, Student Office,
  • and the mentors