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Student Office of Biology

First of all, "Welcome!" from the Student Office. We are excited to accompany you in shaping your studies.

The Student Office of Biology plays a central role in teaching and, therefore, in your Biology studies, as it takes care of everything related to the organization of study programs.

This includes advising you on your course of study, study abroad opportunities, maternity leave-related questions, accommodations for disabilities, and serving as a point of contact for official and unofficial student complaints. The Student Office  (Dr. Vanessa Zacher). also handles pre-bookings.

Additionally, the Student Office is responsible for curriculum planning, creating the electronic course catalog (eVV), and managing seat allocations (Simone Schlender).

Since the Student Office in Biology is not just a position but consists of individuals, we would like to briefly introduce ourselves.

I am Vanessa Zacher. I have studied Biology at Freie Universität and, like all of you now, obtained a Ph.D. in Biology. During my doctoral studies, I worked as a research assistant and lecturer, teaching various courses, which allowed me to gain a multifaceted perspective of the Biology department. These valuable experiences have made it easier for me in my current role to find the best possible solutions in the field of study and teaching, while balancing the needs of different groups such as students, instructors, and administration.

Since October 2010, I have been working in the Student Office, and I consider my most important task to be ensuring a good study experience for Biology students, primarily through personal guidance and support during challenging situations. In order to provide excellent service for a good study environment, a significant amount of administrative work is necessary, and I must remind all parties involved, including students and instructors, to fulfill their responsibilities, so that we can all have a positive teaching and learning experience together.

Welcome to our department, my name is Ms. Humke and I have been your contact person for examination and study matters for 10 years now, both in the examination office and in the study office for the Master's program in Biology and Biodiversity.
The most enjoyable aspect of my work? Being able to accompany you from start to finish. For this reason, please don't be afraid to contact me by email or phone if you have any questions or problems. Together we can then uncover possible "muddiest points", climb hurdles and tackle problems. I wish you a successful start to the winter semester!"

Our work is greatly supported by the student assistants in the Student Office, as without them, all processes related to your studies would be slower.

You can find information about the current office hours of the Student Office here.