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Dahlem NeuroSeminar | Summer Mini-Symposium 2024 with Thomas Clandinin, PhD; Damon Clark, PhD & Sung Soo Kim, PhD

20.06.2024 | 10:00

Lecturer: 10 am, Thomas Clandinin, PhD, Professor for Neurobiology, Stanford University, "How does functional diversity emerge across visual processing pathways?"

10:40am, Damon Clark, PhD, Professor for Physics & Neuroscience, Yale University, "Organizing mitochondria within a connectome"

11:20am, Sung Soo Kim, PhD, Assistant Professor for Neuroscience, UC Santa Barbara, "Conjunctive coding of spatial and chromatic visual information in the Drosophila navigation center"

Please note that this talk will be given in english

Hybrid: online via WebEx and in person.

Zeit & Ort

20.06.2024 | 10:00

Main Lecture Hall
Königin-Luise-Str. 3
14195 Berlin

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The Webex link for online attendance is available upon request: gerit.linneweber@fu-berlin.de.