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Alumni/Alumnae - PhD students

These past members have performed their research work at our Department: Further information on the respective topics of the theses are listed at each of the alumni/alumnae. The focus and topics of research currently in progress in our working group you will find at each of the current Senior scientists, PhD students, Diploma students, Master students as well as under the following link Research.

Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Franck

PhD degree in 2021

Bild: Sebastian Franck

Dr. rer. nat. Ana-Marija Grišić

PhD degree in 2021


Dr. rer. nat. Daniela Burau (née Kauzor)

PhD degree in 2021


Dr. rer. nat. Lisa Schmitt (neé Ehmann)

PhD degree in 2019

Lisa Ehmann

Dr. rer. nat. Lena Klopp-Schulze

PhD degree in 2018

Lena Klopp-Schulze

Dr. rer. nat. Jeannine Fleth-James

PhD degree in 2018

Jeannine Fleth

Dr. rer. nat. Eva Göbgen

PhD degree in 2018

Eva Göbgen

Dr. rer. nat. Johanna Melin

PhD degree in 2017

Johanna Melin

Dr. rer. nat. Andrea Henrich

PhD degree in 2017

Andrea Henrich

Dr. rer. nat. Lea Botermann

PhD degree in 2016


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Wicha

PhD degree in 2015

Sebastian Wicha

Dr. rer. nat. Claudia Kirbs

PhD degree in 2015

Claudia Kirbs

Pharmacist Niklas Werner

PhD student in 2015

Niklas Werner

Dr. rer. nat. André Schäftlein

PhD degree in 2013

André Schäftlein

Dr. rer. nat. Valerie Nock

PhD degree in 2013

Valerie Nock

Dr. rer. nat. Thorsten Lehr

PhD degree in 2006


Dr. rer. nat. Stefanie Reif

PhD degree in 2002

Stefanie Reif

Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Warnke

PhD degree in 2001

Ulrich Warnke