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Clinical Pharmacy and Biochemistry

Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy is the science and application of evidence-based use of medicines in patients. Clinical Pharmacy, thus, extends in addition to pharmaceutical chemistry, biology, technology and pharmacology, the focus from a more isolated view of the drug to the individual patient or population using the drug. The collection and assessment of scientifically based information on the safe, appropriate and cost-effective use of medicines is just as much a subject of clinical pharmacy as identifying drug and health related problems and developing strategies for solutions together with patients, physicians and other health professionals. The aim is to optimise drug therapy and to improve the patients' quality of life. In this way, clinical pharmacy makes a significant contribution to medication safety.

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry deals with the biochemical background of drug action at a molecular level, including aspects of drug metabolism and clinical chemistry. The biosynthesis and functions of biomolecules in the interplay within the cellular metabolism, its regulation and adaptation are observed. Further aspects include the regulation of gene expression, transcription and processing of RNA, signal transduction and molecular biological transport processes. All these structures and processes represent the status in healthy and diseased organism and are elucidated with regard to desired and undesired drug effects at the molecular, cellular, tissue or overall body level and partly over time (disease and recovery progress). From the physiological and biochemical processes in an organism (bio-)chemical parameters can be derived as clinical chemical parameters; their analytical determination and interpretation are the subjects of clinical chemistry.


Prof. Dr. Charlotte Kloft

Honorary professorship:

Prof. Dr. Martin Schulz

Senior scientists:

Dr. Linda Aulin

Dr. Robin Michelet

Dr. Gerd Mikus

Dr. Ingo Siebenbrodt

Research group:

AK Prof. Kloft


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