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Dr. rer. nat. Daniela Burau (née Kauzor)


PhD degree in 2021


Curriculum Vitae

Since 11/2012
Doctoral student at the Dept. of Clinical Pharmacy & Biochemistry supervised by Prof. Dr. Charlotte Kloft at the Freie Universitaet Berlin
06-07/2012 Internship at the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Biochemistry including teaching assignment
10/2011-02/2012 Branch manager of a pharmacy in Unna
02/2011-09/2011 Pharmacist, pharmacy Berliner Allee, Unna
11/2010 Registration as pharmacist
11/2009-10/2010 1-year Internship, Adler-Apotheke, Magdeburg
09/2005 Internship, Apotheke am Hauptbahnhof, Magdeburg
08/2005 Internship, Roland-Apotheke, Magdeburg
10/2004-09/2009 Studies of Pharmacy, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle Wittenberg
07/2004 A-levels (Abitur), Hegel-Gymnasium, Magdeburg

Focus of research

[Forschungslinie 1]: Biological analysis & mikrodialysis and Cell culture

Medication safety is an important area of Clinical Pharmacy. The aim is to optimise the use
of drugs in therapy, to raise the patient’s health status and reduce the rate of adverse drug reactions, interactions and problems in the entire medication process.

In order to achieve a reasonable drug use, clinical data about the pharmacokinetic profile is crucial. But especially in special patient populations e.g. children, pregnant women or critically ill patients the available data is very limited. To change this, we established several research collaborations with clinical partners.

My research projects deal with in vitro microdialysis characterisations of antibiotic agents using an in vitro microdialysis system developed in our working group. I optimise flow rate of the perfusate and investigate influencing factors to achieve a reliable and sufficiently high relative recovery of the particular antibiotic agent in the following clinical trial and consequently trial results of high quality. We collaborate with clinical research groups conducting microdialysis trials and frequently analyse the study sample analysis using HPLC-UV and LC-MS/MS methods. As necessary pre-experiemnts of a pharmacokinetic trial, I investigated hydrocortisone containing capsules, produced in community pharmacies.

In addition, my research deals with alternative methods to the classic bioanalytical quanti-
fication in plasma samples. One of these alternatives is the use of dried blood spots. Here, capillary blood is sampled on special filter papers and dried at room temperature. Quantification of substances is possible- without freezing the samples. A potential use of
dried blood spots may be the installation of a simple procedure for therapeutic drug monitoring in clinical routine.