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BCP Networks

BCP networks are designed to promote interdisciplinary networking and research among young scientists at the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy. The networks are characterized by the following features:

  • Interdisciplinary, distinct, scientific topic (according to Dept. BCP)
  • Interdisciplinary network of up to 25 doctoral researchers from at least 3 different working groups within the Dept. BCP, preferable from 2 different institutes of the Dept. BCP (advanced Master's students and postdocs as well as external young researchers can also participate)
  • Advice and support by one or more experienced scientists
  • Regular meetings or events (possible formats, e.g., seminars, colloquia, lab visits, lab workshops, etc.)
  • Temporarily or permanently designed

The BCP networks are supported by the Graduate Center, e.g. in the financing of guest speakers or in the presentation on the website.

An overview of current and completed BCP networks can be found here.

Applications for a BCP network can be submitted throughout the year. The Dean's Office and the Graduate Center will review and approve the application.

For an application please submit the following documents to the Graduate Center:

  • Title of the network and description of the topic (½ - 1 page continuous text)
  • Details of the persons involved with their function and affiliation, contact person(s)
  • Description of the design and scope of the network (e.g. objective(s) of the network, cycle of events, planned guest invitations, content of the network/events, required support, max. 2 pages)

If you have any questions, please contact the coordinator of the Graduate Center.