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Submission of the Thesis

Abgabe / Submission

Abgabe / Submission
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Please send approx. 10 days before you plan to submit your thesis an email with the following information to the Doctoral Degree Office:

  • final title of your thesis
  • names and institutions/affiliations of your reviewers 
  • type of your thesis (monograph / cumulative thesis)

Special field of Biology + Pharmacy to Ms. Kerstin Reinsberg: prom1@bcp.fu-berlin.de

Special field of Chemistry + Biochemistry to Ms. Lydia Alnajjar: prom2@bcp.fu-berlin.de

Please submit the thesis with all documents electronically in advance by e-mail (pdf-file) and then send us the original forms (signed by hand with a ballpoint pen) as well as a printed and bound version of your thesis (no spiral or ring binding) by post to the address of the Doctoral Degree Office. Alternatively, you can drop the documents in the mailbox in front of our office.

  • In the case of a monograph, publications (related to the dissertation) must be submitted separately as off-prints/prints, but NOT as part of the dissertation.
  • In the case of a cumulative thesis, the publications including possibly existing supporting information/supplements will be included as part of the thesis.
The new doctoral regulations apply to all procedures automatically. Doctoral candidates who were admitted on the basis of the previous doctoral regulations can apply during the transitional period of 4 years to still be able to complete the doctoral procedure according to the previous regulations. Please note that the transitional period of the old doctoral regulations expires on 31st of May 2022, i.e. all dissertations submitted after 1st of June 2022 are exclusively subject to the new doctoral regulations (even if an application for return to the old doctoral regulations was submitted in advance).

Please send us the following documents when submitting your dissertation:

  • One hardbound copy of the thesis
    Note: no spiral or ring binding

  • An electronic version of the thesis (as pdf-file)

  • Copy of the identity card or passport

  • For a monograph: a separate print + pdf file of possible publication/s written in context with the thesis
    Note: please do not imbed in the thesis

  • For a cumulative thesis according to the new doctoral regulations: list (pdf file) of already accepted publications that are part of the thesis, stating the titles and any DOI links or confirmation of acceptance of the manuscripts by the publishing house

If there are any proposals regarding the composition of the committee, this must be communicated by the supervisor to the doctoral office by e-mail before you submit your dissertation, so that the docotral board can take this into account accordingly. Once the dissertation has been submitted, it can no longer be considered.

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