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Submission of the Thesis

Abgabe / Submission

Abgabe / Submission
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Until further notice there are no office hours. Please submit the required forms as one pdf-file via email. Please send your thesis as a pdf-file by email and, additionally, one hard copy by post (as a Maxibrief) to the Doctoral Degree Office. Please give your consent that your thesis may be forwarded as a pdf-file to the reviewers. Since the receipt of the parcel can unfortunately not be guaranteed at present, please refrain from sending your documents completely by post to the Doctoral Degree Office. All inquiries will be answered only by email or telephone. (updated 31 March 2020)

Three identical hardbound copies of the thesis must be submitted to the Doctoral Degree Office. (no spiral binding)

Every reviewer will receive one copy, the third copy will remain with the Doctoral Degree Office.

Any publications written in context with the thesis (three off-prints or copies per publication) should also be submitted (Please do not include in case of a monographic thesis but submit separately. In case your work is a cumulative thesis you have to include the publications as a part of the work.)

Please note, in case of a cumulative work, all publications must already have been accepted by the publisher as the work submitted by you is an examination service. Therefore, it has to be published in the version submitted.

Please send at least 10 days before you plan to submit your thesis
an email with the following information to the Doctoral Degree Office:

  • final title of your thesis
  • the names and institutions of your reviewers 
  • type of your thesis (monograph / cumulative thesis)

Special field Biology / Pharmacy: prom1@bcp.fu-berlin.de

Special field Biochemistry / Chemistry: prom2@bcp.fu-berlin.de

Please submit the following documents to the Doctoral Degree Office:
(Please fill in the forms in advance.)

  • Statistical survey
  • Information on the reviewers
  • Declaration of confidentiality (for reviewers not holding a permanent professorship of FU Berlin)
  • Proof of the acceptance of the manuscripts (in case of a cumulative work)
  • three identical hardbound copies of the thesis
  • one electronic version of the thesis (Please send a pdf-file by email)
  • if applicable, three copies of the publications written in context with the thesis
  • Identity card
Please submit the thesis solely within the office hours. (Tuesday and Thursday 10.00 - 12.00)
Alternatively you can send us the thesis and all required documents by post or you can drop it in the mailbox outside of the Doctoral Degree Office.

The form "proposal for comittee" does not exist anymore.
The doctoral board names the committee members without proposal.
In case the supervisior is interested in, he or she is free to submit a proposal by email before the thesis submission. After the thesis submission the proposal can not be considered.

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