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Evaluation and Display Period

Begutachtung / Review

Begutachtung / Review
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The two proposed reviewers are examined by the doctoral board before thesis submission and officially appointed in case of suitability. Both experts are requested by the doctoral office to deliver their evaluation within six weeks.

As soon as all required evaluations have been received, the doctoral candidate and the doctoral committee (to be appointed by the doctoral board) will receive information about the display period by e-mail from the doctoral office.

The total duration of the display period is 10 working days (Mon. - Fri.). Lecture-free days count as half days, i.e. during the lecture-free period the display period is extended accordingly. The day on which the display begins does not count towards the deadline. During the display period, all university lecturers and all postdoctoral academic employees of the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy can inspect your dissertation, including the proposed grades. In addition, the members of the doctoral committee and the doctoral board can inspect the evaluations. The entire process is confidential, i.e. everyone is bound to secrecy. You will only be able to view the evaluations after the disputation. The date of the disputation should only to be set after the deadline of the display period, as the disputation may only take place after the display period has expired. If you have any questions regarding the deadlines to be met and the earliest possible date for the disputation, please contact the doctoral office.

You can find an overview of current displays of dissertations here. This page can only be viewed within the FU intranet.

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) can be found here.

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