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Defense of the Thesis

Disputation / Defense

Disputation / Defense
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Information on the different formats of the disputation (pure video format, hybrid, presence, with and without university public) and the requirements to be fulfilled in each case can be obtained from the doctoral office.

The organisation of the defense will be organized by the secretary of the head of the doctoral committee or by the doctoral student (depending on the agreement).

The defense will be announced by the doctorate office two weeks before the actual date of the defense; please send a confirmation of the appointment to all committee members as soon as the appointment is fixed.

Please clarify in advance which devices are available in the seminar room in which the disputation takes place and if you would have to bring a projector.

The disputation will only be valid if the doctorate commission is complete, consisting of four professors or lecturers with a higher degree or equivalent qualification and one graduated member of the academic staff (the academic member must have a working contract with the FUB). The substitutes for each status level should also be available in case a member (or members) are unable to participate.

Only one external member is accepted – all other members must be members of the department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy.

Before the disputation, the doctoral committee meets to mutually assess the dissertation.

The defense begins with a lecture of approximately 30 minutes, in which the doctoral student presents and discusses the results of his/her thesis in the context of the field as a whole. The doctoral student then defends the dissertation by responding to the doctorate committee members' criticism and questions. The discussion must take at least 30 minutes but no longer than 60 minutes.

When determining the grade to be awarded, the outcome of the discussion is in principal more important than priority against the presentation. But the dissertation is also taken primarily in principal into account for determining the overall grade.

You can find an overview of current defenses here. This page can only be viewed within the FU intranet.

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