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Publication of the Thesis

Veröffentlichung / Publication

Veröffentlichung / Publication
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After passing the disputation, the doctoral candidate is entitled to publish the dissertation at the university library. The required printing permission from our department will be sent directly to the university library from the doctoral office.

The publication must take place within one year after the disputation. If the publication cannot be made within one year, an informal application for an extension of the deadline must be submitted to the doctoral office. Alternatively you may apply for a block on publication (Embargo). The application has to be submitted to the doctoral office. With the embargo, the release of the data by the university library is blocked and the data will not be made available to the public until the embargo expires so that you can fulfil your publication obligation and thus receive your certificate and use your title.

The thesis is accepted as it was examined by the reviewers. Therefore, it is required that the thesis published by the university is identical to the one submitted to the doctoral office for evaluation. Only spelling and formatting errors may be corrected. Content corrections/changes are expressly forbidden!

In particular, DOI links for publication may only be used in the version send to the university library if the version examined by the reviewers of the thesis is content wise identical to the published version referred to by the DOI. Inserting a DOI link to an article that was altered after submission of the thesis is prohibited.

The current publication details can be found on the web pages of the Dissertations Department at the University Library – Hochschulschriftenstelle:
- Information for dissertations
- Information for online dissertations

You can choose between the following publication formats:

  • Photocopy                 40 copies in either book printed or photocopied form for distribution
                                       (bound, DIN A 5 or DIN A 4, coloured or black and white) or

  • Microfiches               20 microfiches and 1 master microfiche, additional 3 printed copies
                                       (bound, DIN A 5 or DIN A 4, coloured or black and white) or

  • Formal monograph
    publication                3 original publications if the publication of the entire dissertation
                                       is to be published in a journal or  3 original copies if a commercial
                                       publisher has undertaken the distribution through a book store
                                       and if a minimum edition of 150 copies are produced
                                       (evidence required) or

  • Online submission   an electronic version with a data format and carrier in coordination
                                       with the university library plus 2 hard copies.
                                       (bound, DIN A 5 or DIN A 4, colored or black and white)

The copies in printed form must be bound with an adhesive bond. Ring binding and metal rail clamp are not accepted.

Current information and contact details regarding the Dissertations Department at the University Library can be found here.

For questions regarding publication, please contact the team of the Dissertations Department at the University Library directly.

Email: hsstelle@ub.fu-berlin.de

Tel.: (030) 838-54276

Please note that the fulfillment of the publication requirements is the prerequisite for the bestowal of the doctoral degree.

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) can be found here.

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