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Awarding of the Doctoral Degree

Verleihung / Awarding

Verleihung / Awarding
Image Credit: Marion Kuka

Each doctoral student will receive approximately three weeks after the disputation a confirmation about the successful defense. A provisional verification signed by the dean can be written by request, but the provisional verification does not entitle the doctoral student to use the academic degree title "Doctor of Science (Dr. rer. Nat.)" nor the title „doctor designatus“ (Dr. des.).

In case of an English thesis, we will issue a German and English certificate. In case of a German thesis, we need a request by email including the scientifically correct translation of the thesis title. The certificates will be issued within six weeks after the defense.

The publication requirements must be fulfilled before the doctoral degree is finally awarded.

After the fulfillment of the publication request the handing-over of the doctoral diploma will take place at the doctorate office.

Based on our rules the department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy confers the academic title “Dr. rer. nat.” for individual doctorate studies.

You are bound to use the academic title „ Dr. rer. nat.“ in the conferred form.

Please note:

If you would use the academic title “Ph.D.” instead, it is not a question of using an English translation but unauthorized utilization of a not bestowed title. This can be criminally prosecuted.

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