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Dr. rer. nat. or Ph.D.?

Based on the doctorate regulations, the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy awards the academic title “Dr. rer. nat.” for individual doctoral degree programs (according to PromO Section 1 (1)). The title “Ph.D.” is only awarded on request to doctoral candidates who have successfully completed a structured doctoral studies program (according to PromO Section 1 (2)).

Doctoral studies programs recognized for the award of the title "Ph.D." in the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy include the following:

A complete listing can be found here.

Doctoral students who have successfully completed a doctoral studies program may decide once, at the time of dissertation submission, which title they wish to be awarded; no subsequent change is possible. However, we recommend that you decide which title you will pursue at the beginning of your doctoral studies program, if possible.

For advice, please feel free to contact the coordinators of the Graduate Center: graduate-center@bcp.fu-berlin.de

The term “Ph.D. student”, which is frequently used in working groups, is familiar to everyone internationally, but also suggests that you will receive the title “Ph.D.” at the end of the process. However, as a “doctoral student” you will be awarded the title “Dr. rer. nat.” upon successful completion of the doctoral degree program and you may only use the title in the form it was awarded to you. Note: The term “Ph.D.” is not a possible translation, but a different title; the title “Dr. rer. nat.” also remains in the English version of the doctoral certificate.