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News #10 // Lecture on the tidyverse / Course on data analysis with R / Workshop on power dynamics / Love Data Week / Workshop "From PhD to Innovator" / BUA Webinar / Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups

Feb 07, 2024



An introduction to the tidyverse – Lecture by Dr. Selina Baldauf // 15 Feb


Discover the power of the tidyverse, an integrated suite of R packages designed for streamlined data analysis. In this lecture, we'll explore the cohesive design philosophy that makes the tidyverse efficient and intuitive, covering popular packages like ggplot2 and dplyr, as well as less familiar ones such as purrr and stringr. Ideal for those new to the tidyverse or familiar with only a few of its components, this session will introduce you to a comprehensive range of user-friendly tools.


When? Thursday, 15th February 2024, 4 pm

Where? Online on Webex

Further information and the Webex link: https://www.bcp.fu-berlin.de/en/graduiertenzentrum/promovierende/veranstaltungen/workshops/lecture-SB/index.html



Online Workshop “Introduction to data analysis with R” // 4 – 5 & 11 – 12 March


Course offer by the Graduate Center: This workshop offers an introduction to data analysis with R.

The workshop's main goal is to equip you with essential R skills for analyzing your own research data, covering data processing and visualization. After the workshop you are equipped to confidently advance your R skills for your specific research needs.

In 4 workshop days (9 am - 4 pm) we will cover the following topics:

Day 1: Introduction to R and R Studio, Good programming practice, Reading data into R

Day 2: Data visualization with the ggplot package

Day 3: Data wrangling with dplyr, data cleaning with tidyr

Day 4: Bring your own research data (or get some real-life data from me)


Who is the course for? Doctoral researchers registered at the BCP department, Postdoctoral researchers at the BCP department

When?                             Monday, 4 March, Tuesday, 5 March, Monday, 11 March, Tuesday, 12 March, 2024, 9 am – 4 pm

Where?                            Webex Online Course (Please note that a video camera and a microphone are necessary for this course.)

Registration:                   If you would like to attend the course, please register here by 18 February 2024.


The registration is binding. Please make sure when registering to be able to attend all 4 workshop days. Participation in the course is free of charge for all (post-)doctoral researchers at the BCP department. Please find more information in the workshop description attached to this email.



Workshop “Navigating power dynamics: building healthy work environments” // 12 March


Dear Doctoral Researchers and PostDocs at the BCP Dept. of FU Berlin,

Due to some incidents of abuse of power in the working groups of our department, I would like to recommend a workshop to you. Abuse of power, fostered by dependency relationships and a culture of fear, is still a taboo subject in science.

There have been many inquiries as to whether we can offer this workshop in English. WE CAN!

If you are interested, please register by 29.02.2024 at frauenbeauftragte@bcp.fu-berlin.de. Your registration will be treated confidentially.


Kind regards,

Christine Eßmann-Stern

Women´s representative and gender equality officer


Date: 12.03.2024 from 9.00-13.00h

Place: Room A006 EG, Arnimallee 22


In this dynamic 4-hour workshop, participants will delve into the intricate landscape of power dynamics within the workplace. Through real-life case studies and open discussions, we will explore the various facets of power, its forms, and the potential for abuse in professional settings. Fostering an open mindset and encouraging active participation, attendees will gain valuable insights into recognizing power imbalances, understanding their impact, and acquiring practical strategies to address and prevent power abuse. Join us for an engaging session that aims to empower individuals to create and sustain healthy work environments through informed dialogue and collaborative problem-solving.



Love Data Week on Research Data Management // 12 – 16 Feb


Some events were already announced in the last Newsletter#55. On this website you can find more (online) events during this year’s Love Data Week (12th – 16th Feb) on research data management themes (many in English).



Workshop “From PhD to Innovator” // 14-15 March


How much startup is in your PhD? Take your career into your own hands in the Young Entrepreneurs in Science Workshop! Develop potential startup ideas together with other PhDs and postdocs of all disciplines, network with real-life sciencepreneurs, and learn about career options after the PhD. Our innovation coaches will help you to discover the potential of your research by building your first prototype. Participation grants you a personalised certificate and exclusive access to our online network for scientists.


Date: 14./15.03.24

Registration deadline: 07.03.24


Please find more information and the registration link in the flyer or here: https://falling-walls.com/yes/workshop/from-phd-to-innovator-berlin-14-15-03-2024/apply/



Webinar for BUA-Postdocs: What is the new Open Science mission statement about and how can I engage with it? // 1 March


In November 2023, the Academic Senates of Freie Universität, Humboldt-Universität, Technische Universität and Charité confirmed the Mission Statement for Open Science of the Berlin University Alliance. The document defines goals in several areas related to Open Science, from supporting a change in the publication culture towards a diverse, non-profit, science-driven Open Access culture to promoting the expansion of service offerings and incentives for the uptake of open science practices. 

The Mission Statement is currently in a process of priorization and translation into practice that invites BUA members from all disciplines and career levels. In this spirit, the Center for Open and Responsible Research (CORe) invites all postdocs of the BUA to engage with the Statement in a Webinar on March 1, 2024, at 14:00. In a short presentation you will learn about the Mission Statement and have the opportunity to share your questions, experiences and challenges regarding Open Science practices in your research. Please register until Feburary 23, 2024 via the registration website. For questions about the event or the Mission Statement, contact Viktor Ullmann (CORe) anytime.



Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups program


The Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups program aims to win the best international and national recognized researchers (2 to 6 years of academic age) for a first leadership position in science. It offers Young Investigator Group leaders the opportunity to establish their own independent research group at a Helmholtz Center in cooperation with a partner university. As a Young Investigator Group leader, they can access the research infrastructure, grow to their full potential as a leader in science as well as strengthen and further develop their networks in the scientific community.

The focus of the group must be of relevance to a Helmholtz research program. Young Investigator Group leaders collaborate closely with a partner university to establish research cooperation in areas of joint interest. In particular, the cooperation with the partner university allows them to gain experience in teaching and PhD supervision. Further qualification entails a structured leadership training at the Helmholtz Leadership Academy. As a consequence of a positive evaluation, the results of which must be available at the end of the fourth year of funding, Young Investigator Group leaders are granted a permanent position at the Helmholtz Center.


Submission deadline for applications: 30.04.2023
Further Information: https://www.helmholtz.de/en/career/careers-at-helmholtz/helmholtz-young-investigator-groups/