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Chemistry & Biochemistry

Arnimallee 22
Room A.025
14195 Berlin
Ms. Isabell Franke / Ms. Alette Winter

Office hours

Responsibility and availability by phone:
First letter of surname A - L First letter of surname M - Z
Ms. Isabell Franke Ms. Alette Winter
+49 30 838 59259 +49 30 838 59505

Monday afternoon, Wednesday,


Monday to Friday
Please check our office hours on a daily basis and book an appointment on the day of the consultation. This is possible one hour before the consultation starts in advance either online here or at our booking terminals on site in the waiting areas. - Site map - As the number assignment is paperless, please remember the number you received or scan it with your mobile phone using the QR code.

Consultation hours for the doctoral subjects Chemistry and Biochemistry




Thursday  weekly  10:00 - 11:30 am