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Ph.D. Students

M.Sc. Philip Barkawitz

Ph.D. student since 12/2018

Cooperation Project with Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Philip Barkawitz

M.Sc. Marius Gaedke

Ph.D. student since 11/2016

Redox-Active Switchable Rotaxanes

+49-30-838-55355 (office)


M.Sc. Tomas Feliksas Gutorovas

Ph.D. student since 02/2019

Electrosupramolecular chemistry - switchable mechanically interlocked molecules

+49-30-838-55396 (lab)

Tomas Feliksas Gutorovas

M.Sc. Henrik Hupatz

Ph.D. student since 01/2016

Surface Deposition of Switchable Rotaxanes and Thermodynamic Analysis of Supramolecular Complexes

+49-30-838-55355 (office)

Henrik Hupatz

M.Sc. Pin-Wei Lee

Ph.D. student since 12/2020

Fluorinated supramolecular assembly for superhydrophobic surface


M.Sc. Bo Li

Ph.D. student since 08/2018

Selenacrown Ethers

Li Bo

M.Sc. Daniel L. Stares

Ph.D. student since 09/2019

Project within the Marie Curie investigating encapsulation processes via mass spectrometry

Daniel Stares

M.Sc. Janos Wasternack

Ph.D. student since 11/2020

Organic Synthesis: Photo- and Redoxswitches, Rotaxanes and Fluorous chemistry

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M.Sc. Qiangqiang Xu

Ph.D. student since 11/2019

Selenacrown Ethers

+49-30-838-55521 (lab)

Qiangqiang Xu