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Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Organic Chemistry

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Mathias Christmann

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry
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Takustr. 3
14195 Berlin

Research Topics

Main research topics in the Organic Chemistry Division are total synthesis of natural products and synthetic method development, supramolecular chemistry in the gas-phase, in solution and on surfaces, macromolecular chemistry with a focus on drug delivery systems based on dendritic and hyperbranched architectures, bioorganic chemistry of coiled-coil peptides and peptides containing fluorinated amino acids, and multivalent interactions.

Research Groups

Guest Research Group (within the CRC 1449)

Associated Groups

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Prof. Dr. Mathias Christmann
Phone +49 30 838 60182
e-Mail mathias.christmann@fu-berlin.de


Dipl.-Übers. Regine Blühdorn
Phone +49 30 838 58275
e-Mail regine.bluehdorn@fu-berlin.de