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Shorter Bike Trips (40 - 90 km)


Longer Routes (80 - 150 km) - Long-Distance Routes (several days)


The following bike trips have been recoreded with a Garmin Edge 800 bike navigator. They are available as GPS tracks in *.gpx format which can be read by most GPS devices. You can also use the maps created with Google Maps on GPS Visualizer, a very confortable tool to create maps from GPS tracks in different formats. Most tracks are located in or around Berlin. Almost all the bike trips described here are suitable for trekking bikes. At least parts of them may however include unpaved roads and therefore might be somewhat difficult for racing bikes.


Round Trip Wannsee - Havelchaussee

Distance: 45.3 km - Uphill: 310 m - Downhill: 310 m

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The route can be used as a shorter training circle. It follows Kronprinzessinnenweg to Wannsee, follows the banks of Wannsee to Glienicker Brücke and returns directly over the hill through Königsstraße to Wannsee. From there the way back leads through Havelchaussee and Postfenn, again with a few longer and steeper slopes..


Round Trip around Tegeler See

Distance: 56.1 km - Uphill: 190 m - Downhill: 190 m

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Quite easy, the track follows the bike routes on small, but mostly paved paths and only touches streets now and then. Part of the tour uses the Berlin-Copenhagen bike route and part of it follows the former soldiers lane directly behind the Berlin wall (Berliner Mauerweg).


Round Trip Mauerweg West - Wasserstadt Spandau

Distance: 50.7 km - Uphill: 220 m - Downhill: 220 m

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The track follows the western Mauerweg after leaving the city center of Berlin via Heerstraße to Pichelsdorf. Beyond Eiskeller, one of the former enclaves of west Berlin in the German democratic republic, it turns east to meet the Berlin-Copenhagen bike route back into the city through the Wasserstadt Spandau.


Round Trip Mauerweg Nord - Berlin - Staaken - Schönwalde - Frohnau - Hennigsdorf - Märkisches Viertel - Prenzlauer Berg - Bernauer Straße

Distance: 84.1 km - Uphill: 367 m - Downhill: 309 m

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The track follows the western and northern Mauerweg between Spandau-Staaken and Bernauer Straße. The quality of the pavement is not always good. So do not bring your racing bikes.


Round Trip around Wannsee

Distance: 63.0 km - Uphill: 370 m - Downhill: 370 m

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This bike trip can be combined with visits to Glienicker Brücke and a number of palaces and gardens in the Potsdam area, for example Schloss Glienicke, Schloss Babelsberg, the Marmorpalais and the Alte Meierei in the park of Schloss Cäcilienhof, the Belvedere on Pfingstberg, and Schloss Sans Soucis. Maybe a look at the view axes between the different palaces are interesting that are best seen from the Belvedere on Pfingstberg.


Round Trip around Schwielowsee via Potsdam and Caputh

Distance: 77.7 km - Uphill: 378 m - Downhill: 378 m

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The track goes through Potsdam mostly on paved bike lanes and often at the banks of the lakes. You can visit Werder on the way and the Schloss Caputh and the Einsteinhaus on the other side of the lake. On the way back, a visit to the Brauhausberg in Potsdam with the Einsteinturm by the famous juish architect Erich Mendelsohn and the observatory is recommended.


Round Trip Potsdam - Ketzin - Wustermark - Dallgow - Spandau

Distance: 82.1 km - Uphill: 406 m - Downhill: 406 m

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A tour more for training purposes rather than sightseeing, although you can include stops at different palaces in Potsdam and, on the way back to Berlin, might visit the Olympic Village from 1936.


Elbe River Bike Route from Dessau to Wörlitz and Wittenberg

Distance: 42.0 km - Uphill: 189 m - Downhill: 119 m

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This trip connects the Bauhaus in Dessau including the Master Homes with the birthplace of German classicism in Wörlitzer Park and Lutherstadt Wittenberg with its Schlosskirche and Luther's home. The bike tour mainly follows the official Elbe river bike route. Good train connections between Berlin and Dessau or Wittenberg are available.


Berlin - Hennigsdorf - Kremmen - Nauen

Distance: 85.4 km - Uphill: 183 m - Downhill: 146 m

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A nice trip along the Havel river and through the Brandenburg countryside. Kremmen has a quite beautiful old city center and when you do this trip during the move of the cranes in October and November, you can see quite many of them in the area around Linum - provided that you are there during the right time of the day.


Round Trip Berlin - Tegel - Schönwalde - Eiskeller - Falkensee

Distance: 67.6 km - Uphill: 185 m - Downhill: 156 m

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A round trip connecting the area around Lake Tegel with part of the Mauerweg at the former western border of Berlin.