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Lab AG Riedel

Lab AG Riedel
Image Credit: Michael Fahrig

The research work carried out in the Riedel group is essentially guided by questions relating to halogen chemistry.

Topics and methodological approaches include the study of Fluorine-Specific Interactions (SFB 1349), strong oxidizing agents (ERC HighPotOx), the development of new halogenated materials, the chemistry of superacids, the synthesis and characterization of polyhalogen anions, peroxides and ozonoids as well as the study of high or extreme oxidation states and unusual compounds using matrix isolation spectroscopy.

Many of these topics require the comparison of experiments with quantum-chemical calculations, some of which we carry out ourselves or as part of collaborations. In addition, our research is driven by the idea of establishing a more sustainable halogen chemistry by developing more resource-efficient processes, optimizing recycling processes, or synthesizing new substitutes.