Alumni/Alumnae - Diploma students

These past members performed their diploma thesis research work at our Department: Further information on the respective topics of the diploma thesis research work theses are listed at each of the alumni/alumnae. The focus and topics of research currently in progress in our working group you will find at each of the present Senior scientists, PhD students, Diploma students, Master students (s. tab ‘Research’) as well as under the following link Research.

Pharmacist René Marrek

Degree in July 2018


Pharmacist Sophie Klein

Clinical Pharmacy & Biochemistry

+49 30 838 50656


Pharmacist and Diploma-Pharmacist Johanna Seeger

Degree in 2017

Johanna Seeger

Pharmacist Tamara Richter

Diploma-student in 2016

Tamara Richter

Pharmacist Marc-Alexander Fürtig

Diploma-student in 2015


Pharmacist Ann-Katrin Appelt

Diploma-student in 2014

Ann-Kathrin Appelt

Pharmacist Janin Kuß

Diploma-student in 2014

Janin Kuß

Pharmacist Katharina Spitzer

Diploma-student in 2013

Katharina Spitzer

Pharmacist Philipp Waelde

Diploma-student in 2013