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Bookings in OpenIRIS


What is OpenIRIS

OpenIRIS as a Pilot Scheme

OpenIRIS (in short IRIS) is a free project, which enables booking of devices and (measurement) services!
The idea behind this booking system is to make the costly scientific devices much better accesible, not only the machinery of the own institute or department but also the resources of others, maybe even world-wide distributed, scientific providers.

To fathom the possibilities of OpenIRIS, and to work out a conception for its productive implementation at BCP, we are currently testing the bookage of devices and services in a pilot scheme at FZEM. Expansion of these tests for the optical microscopy machinery is currently under way.


Devices and Services

Three devices (the Vitrobot to produce cryo-samples, the scanning electron mikroscope SU 8030, and the Talos L120C microscope for conventional and cryogenic TEM) and two services (TEM measurements at our (standard) microscops, and SPA data acquisition at the Titan Krios) are open for bookings by registered users in IRIS. All three devices can be used autonomously as well as operator assisted.

While the TEM service is in principle open to all registered users of BioSupraMol, the SPA service is preferentially restricted to members of a group of applicants.

For autonomous usage, introduction as well as training is madatory. We also set high value on trained people to operate as key-users for their working groups. Therefore, training candidates should best be on a postdoctoral position or have a long-term employment at FUB.
Due to the pandemic introductions and trainig are not offered at the moment.

Booking requirements

Registration at FUB-IRIS

As a prerequisit to using the bookig system of OpenIRIS, users have to register at the FUB-IRIS portal first. FU-Berlin credentials are used for registration and acces. Since the verification is accomplished by the single-sign-on system of FUB, only your institutional email address (user name) must be used in IRIS. Users from external institutions that use OpenIRIS as well, can (normaly) use their respective IRIS credentials to also log-in at the FUB-IRIS portal - FUB users should exclusively use their FUB credentials.
You can download a hand-out about the registration at FUB-IRIS from below.