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Booking Facilities and Services

Learn more on how to use our facilities:
assistance, measurements and maschine booking, and the SPA data acquisition



Assistance for TEM

You are not so familiar with electron microscopy, but have the feeling that it could be the technique of choice for your scientific question?
We will gladly share our know-how in the different fields of electron microscopy and we like to get involved in any new research in any field. So if you are interested in electron microscopical measurements and  need support, we can discuss about your project(s) and how we can help.

Feel free to contact us for an appointment.

Please use the data sheet below to provide us with necessary information on your sample(s) and preliminary work that is already done.

If you already know what should be done, you can directly book our service for measurements (TEM measurements) in OpenIRIS.

Booking facillities

Microscopes and Services

Our facilities, i.e. the Talos L120C (TEM), the Vitrobot, and the Hitachi SU 8030 (SEM), can be booked for assisted and unassisted measurements according to the user rules of the Core Facility BioSupraMol.This service is essentially open to anyone, although it is preferentially directed at members of the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry.
Unassisted measurements, however, require the proof of qualification, which can be achieved by a successful training at our site. To ensure sustainability, we offer the training only to people who will either become key users of EM for their working groups or to people who will be employed at the FU for a longer time.
Due to the pandemic, supervision or training is not offered at the moment!

Autonomous booking of assisted and unassisted measurement periods is possible for registered members of the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry. For the registration, please check the BioSupraMol home page. Assisted and unassisted measurements as well as time slots for the vitrobot to prepare cryo samples can be requested via OpenIRIS.

Data of TEM and SEM measurements are stored on a network drive (at the moment free of charge). Access to this BCP-storage is realised through the MI-Portal.

More information can be found in the following handouts:

SPA data acquisition

SPA as a service

Single particle data acquisition (SPA) on the Titan Krios microscope is offered by the Berlin cryoEM Facility - Campus Dahlem as a service. Until the end of 2024, according to the regulations of the DFG, the Titan Krios is only accessible for the applicants of the microscope and of course their group members. If you (or your group head) belong to this group you can request measurements.

We are using the booking platform OpenIRIS for applications an bookings. After registration with your institutional credentials at https://fub.openiris.io you will be able to register your group or yourself for the SPA data acquisition. We will check your data, register your group and the authorized members, and only then you/they can request SPA measurements for your group and will even be able to follow the progress of the request.

More information can be found in the following handouts: