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Donskyi Group

Freie Universität Berlin

Altensteinstr. 23a
Building SupraFAB
Room 202.1
14195 Berlin
Dr. Ievgen Donskyi
+49 (030) 838 467482

Welcome to Donskyi group. We are interdisciplinary group working in the field of Organic Chemistry. We synthesise and characterize biodegradable two dimensional and polymeric multifunctional nanomaterials mainly as inhibitors of viruses and bacteria. Our materials should interact with the pathogens and do not let them interact with the cell surface, therefore to block the infection of the cells and organisms. We investigate our possible inhibitors using various biological assays, including pre-treatment, plaque reduction, and virucidal assays. Moreover, the materials are thoroughly characterized using various methods, including TGA, IR, NMR, DLS, zeta-potential, as well as advanced surface-sensitive techniques, like XPS and ToF-SIMS. Our aim is a production of demonstrators against viruses and bacteria that can be further developed into sprays and lotions.