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previous projects

Identification of FoxP2 target genes (Iris Adam)

Does intruder distance affect singing responses in nightingales? (Conny Bartsch)

Integration of new neurons into HVC: gap junctions in neuronal clusters (Sandra Wohlgemuth)

Influence of FoxP2 on song learning an the underlying neuronal activity (Sandra Wohlgemuth)

Behavioural Ecology and Song Characteristics: a Long-term Field Study on a Berlin Population of Individually Banded Nightingales (group-project)

The Formation and Characteristics of Song Preferences in Female Birds – an Experimental Approach with Operant Conditioning Techniques (Silke Kipper)

Effects of lentivirus-mediated downregulation and upregulation of FoxP2 on incorporation of new song elements in adult male canaries (Christopher Thompson)

Learning Strategies and Memory Mechanisms (Henrike Hultsch)

Age-related Changes in Song Characteristics of Nightingales (Luscinia megarhynchos) - a Model to Investigate the Acquisition of Large Song Repertoires (Sarah Kiefer)

Functional brain repair in songbirds: the role of neurogenesis and FoxP2, a gene implicated in a human speech impairment (Kirill Tokarev)

What role does the signaling molecule retinoic acid play during song learning in the zebra finch brain? (Christina Roeske)

Role of FoxP2 in proliferation and neurogenesis in the ventricular zone of zebra finches, an area delivering newly born neurons to the song nuclei Area X (Steffen Schulz)

Enrichment of Keas (Nestor notabilis) in Zoo Berlin (Tobias Rahde)

Ultrasonic courtship vocalizations of male wild house mice (Mus musculus musculus) (Frauke Hoffmann)

Knockdown of FoxP2 in Area X of adult male zebra finches with focus on the social context of directed and undirected singing (Judith Rautenkranz)

Predator-related behaviour and its relation to social factors in a group-living songbird (Christina Sommer)

Functional characterization of FoxP2 in vitro and in vivo (Sebastian Haesler, Christelle Rochefort)

Regulation and function of adult neurogenesis in Area X, a nucleus of the striatum involved in song learning (Christelle Rochefort)

Song preferences in female nightingales (Konstanze Kallabis)

Analysis of neuronal cluster in the adult zebra finch song nucleus HVC (Sophie Scotto-Lomassese)


  • Kea
  • Nestor notabilis