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Reproducible documents with {rmarkdown} (Online Workshop)

29.03.2022 - 31.03.2022


Selina Baldauf


29 - 30 March 2022, 31 March optional, afternoon sessions


Online course (via Webex)

Credit points



→ Online registration (Deadline: 24 February)

This course is fully booked!

Target group

Doctoral researchers (registered at FU Berlin, Dept. of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy)

Postdoctoral researchers at FU Berlin, Dept. of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

The rmarkdown package provides an ecosystem for authoring documents that contain text as well as R code and its output. It is a very powerful tool for researchers using R for data analysis because it directly integrates the analysis results into reports, research papers, presentation and many other formats. All this without copy pasting, therefore creating a completely reproducible workflow.
In 2 (or 3) afternoon sessions we will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the {rmarkdown} package
  • Structure of an rmarkdown document (Syntax, Options, R code)
  • Use cases, e.g.
  • Parameterized lab reports
  • Computational notebooks
  • Reports and manuscripts
  • Bring your own data (optional on 3rd workshop day)

The main goal of this workshop is to give you the basic skills that you need to start writing your own
reproducible documents according to the needs of your research. Starting from this knowledge basis, you can
confidently expand your rmarkdown skills to more complex document types and formats.

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Organisation: Graduate Center BCP