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Amphiphilic copolymers with hydrophilic dendritic side chains

In cooperation with Prof. S. Sharma (Department of Chemistry at the University of Delhi, India) and Prof. R. Haag (FU Berlin) we pursue the linear attachment of structure enforcing dendrons to a polymeric backbone, which strongly influence the backfolding of the polymeric chain. The steric situation affect the overall structure in a way that is different from monomeric dendritic amphiphiles. In the project the size of the dendrons, the degree of branching and the additional influence of alkyl chains on the aggregation process has to be studied in detail. Here, the internal structure of the micellar assembly is extremely important and requires careful cryo-TEM measurements, which might be complemented by tomographic techniques and image processing if indicated. The outcome of a systematical derivatization will give us parameters how to influence or even control the molecular assembly process. The design of tailor-made amphiphiles for substrate specific transport will be investigated based upon structural effects elucidated from the obtained assemblies.

Cooperation with Prof. S. Sharma (University of Delhi, India)

Selected publications:

S. Gupta, B. Schade, S. Kumar, C. Böttcher, S. K. Sharma and R. Haag (2013)
Non-ionic Dendronized Multiamphiphilic Polymers as Nanocarriers for Biomedical Applications
Small (6), 894 - 904.