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Projects in the AG Freund

1. Antigen presentation by Major Human Histocompatibility complex class II (MHCII) proteins

Cell-mediated adaptive immunity by T cells critically depends on antigen presentation by MHCII proteins. We investigate this process at the molecular and cellular level and thereby frame the implications it has for wanted and unwanted immune reactions.

2. Scaffolding proteins at the membrane

Inducible recruitment of proteins to the plasma membrane constitutes a pivotal initial step in many signal transduction processes. We interrogate proteins important for neuronal or
T cell function with regard to their intramolecular and intermolecular interactions and we profile the post-translational modifications that enable their membrane association by protein biochemical, biophysical and cell biological methods.

3. Interactions between Proline-rich Sequences and interacting domains in the Spliceosome

We are studying the proline-rich-sequence-binding proteins CD2BP2 and FBP21, their spliceosomal interaction partners and their function in splicing and alternative splicing. In addition, we are trying to modulate the interaction with their respective binding partners through the design of (multivalent) inhibitors.