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ERIDOB Proceedings

ERIDOB Proceeding 2012


Section 1: student conceptions,teacher conceptions and teacher knowledge.

1 S. Dannemann, & D. Krüger: The role of conceptions, metaphors and analogies in students'understanding of seeing.

2 K. Boersma, & C. Geraedts: The interpretation of students'Lamarkian explanations.

3 T. Braun & M. Schrenk: Effects of experiments for students' understanding of plant nutrition.

4 P. Clément: Chance and determinism in evolution:Teachers'conceptions in 21 countries.

5 R. Rozenszajn & A.Yarden: Characterizing the Tacit relationships between biology teachers' content knowledge (CK) and other professional knowledge components.

Section 2: Biology education in informal settings.

6 A. Scheersoi & S.D. Tunnicliffe: beginning biology - Interest and inquiry in the early years.

Section 3: Models and modeling.

7 U. Trier, D. Krüger & A. Upmeier zu Belzen: Students'versus scientists'conceptions of models and modelling.

8 M. Krell, A.  Upmeier zu Belzen, & D. Krüger: How year 7 to year 10 students categorise models: Moving towards a student-based typology of biological models.

Section 4: Teaching: Teaching strategies, teaching socioscientific issues and curriculum development.

9 T. Bielik &  A. Yarden: Developing the ability to critique in the course of inquiry oriented programs in biology.

10 P. Schneeberger, Y. Lhoste, &  B. Peterfalvi: Comparative analysis of the activity of two teachers in terms of pupil's acculturation to science.

11 A.  Lammers, R. Keijzer & M.  van Graft: Content choices within a concept - context approach in primary science education.

12 M.  Castells, A. Konstantinidou, & J. M. Cerveró: Arguments, values and beliefs of pre - service teachers discussing socio - scientific issues.

13 J. D. Stanisavljevié & L. Z. Stanisavljevié: the application of concept maps in teaching invertebrate zoology.

14 Y. Machluf, H. Gelbart, & A. Yarden: High-School teachers' appropriation of an innovative curriculum in bioinformatics.