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Publications - Britta Tietjen

Peer reviewed


  • Wu J, Feng Y, Zhang X, Wurst S, Tietjen B, Tarolli P, Song C (2017) Grazing exclusion by fencing non-linearly restored the degraded alpine grasslands on the Tibetan Plateau. Scientific Reports, 7, 15202.
  • Hausmann S, Tietjen B, Rillig MC (accepted) Solving the puzzle of yeast survival in ephemeral nectar systems: exponential growth is not enough. FEMS Microbiology Ecology.
  • Synodinos AD, Tietjen B, Lohmann D, Jeltsch F (accepted) The impact of inter-annual rainfall variability on African savannas changes with mean rainfall. Journal of Theoretical Biology, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jtbi.2017.10.019
  • Bradford JB, Schlaepfer DR, Lauenroth WK, Yackulic CB, Duniway M, Hall S, Jia G Jamiyansharav K, Munson SM, Wilson SD, Tietjen B (2017) Future soil moisture and temperature extremes imply expanding suitability for rainfed agriculture in temperate drylands. Scientific Reports, 7, 12923.
  • Fer I, Tietjen B, Jeltsch F, Wolff C (2017) The influence of El Niño–Southern Oscillation regimes on eastern African vegetation and its future implications under the RCP8.5 warming scenario. Biogeosciences, 14, 4355–4374.
  • Tietjen B, Schlaepfer DR, Bradford JB, Lauenroth WK, Hall SA, Duniway MC, Hochstrasser T, Gensuo J, Munson SM, Pyke DA, Wilson SD (2017) Climate change-induced vegetation shifts lead to more ecological droughts despite projected rainfall increases in many global temperate drylands. Global Change Biology 23,2743-2754
  • Schlaepfer DR, Bradford JB,  Lauenroth WK, Munson SM, Tietjen B, Hall SA, Wilson SD, Duniway MC, Gensuo J, Pyke DA, Lkhagva A, Jamiyansharav K (2017) Climate change reduces extent of temperate drylands and intensifies drought in deep soils. Nature Communications. doi: 10.1038/ncomms14196


  • Ratzmann G, Gangkofner U, Tietjen B, Fensholt R (2016) Dryland vegetation functional response to altered rainfall amounts and variability derived from satellite time series data. Remote Sensing, 8, 1026, doi:10.3390/rs8121026.
  • Langerwisch F, Walz A, Rammig A, Tietjen B, Thonicke K, Cramer W (2016) Deforestation in Amazonia impacts riverine carbon dynamics. Earth Syst. Dynam., 7, 953–968.
  • Fer I, Tietjen B, Jeltsch F, Trauth MH (2016) Modelling vegetation change during Late Cenozoic uplift of the East
    African plateaus. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.palaeo.2016.04.007.
  • Webster EM, Qian H, Mackay D, Christensen RD, Tietjen B, Zaleski R (2016) Modeling human exposure to indoor contaminants: external source to body tissues. Environmental Science & Technology, 10.1021/acs.est.6b00895
  • Langerwisch F, Walz A, Rammig A, Tietjen B, Thonicke K, Cramer W (2016) Climate change increases riverine carbon outgassing while export to the ocean remains uncertain. Earth Syst. Dynam. 7, 559-582, 10.5194/esd-7-559-2016
  • Fer I, Tietjen B, Jeltsch F (2016) High-resolutionmodelling closes the gap between data and model simulations for Mid-Holocene andpresent-day biomes of East Africa. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 444, 144-151, doi:10.1016/j.palaeo.2015.12.001
  • Tietjen B (2016) Same rainfall amount different vegetation – How environmental conditions and their interactions influence savanna dynamics. Ecological Modelling 326, 13-22, 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2015.06.013
  • Guo T, Lohmann D, Ratzmann G, Tietjen B (2016) Response of semi-arid savanna vegetation composition towards grazing under climate change - the effect of including plant heterogeneity into an ecohydrological savanna model. Ecological Modelling 325, 47-56, 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2016.01.004

2014 / 2015

  • Karp DS, Tallis H, Sachse R, Halpern B, Thonicke K, Cramer W, Mooney H, Polasky S, Tietjen B, Waha K, Walz A, Wolny S (2015) National Indicators for Observing Ecosystem Service Change. Global Environmental Change 35, 12-21
  • Synodinos A, Tietjen B, Jeltsch F (2015) Facilitation in drylands: modeling a neglected driver of savanna dynamics. Ecological Modelling 304, 11-21
  • Rillig M, Rolff J, Tietjen B, Wehner J, Andrade-Linares D (2015) Community priming--effects of sequential stressors on microbial assemblages. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 91 (5): fiv040 doi: 10.1093/femsec/fiv040
  • Mueller EN, van Schaik L, Blume T, Bronstert A, Carus J, Fleckenstein J, Fohrer N, Geißler K, Gerke HH, Graeff T, Hesse C, Hildebrandt A, Hölker H, Hunke P, Körner K, Lewandowski J, Lohmann D, Meinikmann K, Schibalski A, Schmalz B, Schröder B, Tietjen B (2014) Skalen, Schwerpunkte, Rückkopplungen und Herausforderungen der ökohydrologischen Forschung in Deutschland. Hydrologie und Wasserbewirtschaftung 4, 221-240
  • Lohmann D, Tietjen B, Blaum N, Joubert D, Jeltsch F. (2014) Prescribed fires as a tool for sustainable management of semi-arid savanna rangelands. Journal of Arid Environments 107, 49-56

2012 / 2013

  • Tallis H, Mooney H, Andelman S, Balvanera P, Cramer W, Karp D, Polasky S, Reyers B, Ricketts T, Running S, Thonicke K, Tietjen B, and Walz A (2012) A Global System for Monitoring Ecosystem Service Change. BioScience 62 (11), 977-986
  • Lohmann, D., Tietjen, B., Blaum, N., Joubert, D., Jeltsch, F. (2012). Shifting thresholds and changing degradation patterns: Climate change effects on the simulated long-term response of a semi-arid savanna to grazing. Journal of Applied Ecology 49, 814-823

2011 and earlier

  • Esther, A., Groeneveld, J., Enright, N.J., Miller, B.P., Lamont, B.B., Perry, G.L.W., Tietjen, B., Jeltsch, F. (2011). Low-dimensional trade-offs fail to explain richness and structure in species-rich plant communities. Theoretical Ecology 4, 495-511
  • Schiffers, K., Tielbörger, K., Tietjen, B., Jeltsch, F. (2011). Root plasticity buffers competition among plants - theory meets experimental data. Ecology 92, 610-620
  • Rammig A, Jupp TE, Thonicke K, Tietjen B, Heinke J, Ostberg S, Lucht W, Cramer W, Cox P (2010). Estimating the risk of Amazonian forest dieback. New Phytologist. 187, 694-706.
  • Tietjen B, Jeltsch F, Zehe E, Classen N, Groengroeft A, Schiffers K, Oldeland J (2010). Effects of climate change on the coupled dynamics of water and vegetation in drylands. Ecohydrology. 3, 226-237 doi: 10.1002/eco.70
  • Tietjen B, Zehe E, Jeltsch F (2009). Simulating plant water availability in dry lands under climate change - a generic model of two soil layers. Water Resources Research. 45, W01418
  • Blaum N, Tietjen B & Rossmanith, E (2009). The Impact of Livestock Husbandry on Small and Medium Sized Carnivores in Kalahari Savannah Rangelands. Journal of Wildlife Management. 73, 60-67
  • Tietjen B, Jeltsch F (2007) Semi-arid grazing systems and climate change - a survey of present modelling potential and future needs. Journal of Applied Ecology. 44, 425-434
  • Huth A, Tietjen B (2007). Management strategies for tropical rain forests: results of ecological models and requirements for ecological-economic modelling. Ecological Economics. 62, 207-215
  • Tietjen B, Huth A (2006). Modelling dynamics of managed tropical rainforests - an aggregated approach. Ecological Modelling, 199, 421-432

Book Chapters (Peer reviewed)

  • Turnbull L, Hochstrasser T, Wieczorek M, Baas A, Wainwright J, Scarsoglio S, Mueller EN, Tietjen B, Jeltsch F (2013) Approaches to modelling ecogeomorphic systems. in: Mueller EN, Wainwright J, Parsons AJ, Turnbull L (Eds.) Patterns of land degradation in drylands. Understanding self-organised ecogeomorphic systems. Springer Utrecht, 270 p.
  • Jeltsch F, Tietjen B, Blaum N, Rossmanith E (2010) Population and ecosystem modeling of land use and climate change impacts on savanna dynamics. eds: Hill M.J. and Hanan N.P. Ecosystem Function in Savannas: Measurement and Modeling at Landscape to Global Scales. CRC Press.

Other Book Chapters

  • Jeltsch F, Blaum N, Lohmann D, Meyfarth S, Rossmanith E, Schütze S, Tews J, Tietjen B, Wichmann M, Wieczorek M (2010): Modelling vegetation change in arid and semi-arid savannas. eds: Schmiedel, U., Jürgens, N. Biodiversity in southern Africa. Volume 2: Patterns and processes at regional scale: pp. 274-282, Klaus Hess Publishers, Göttingen & Windhoek.
  • Jeltsch F, Blaum N, Classen N, Eschenbach A, Grohmann C, Gröngröft A, Joubert DF, Horn A, Lohmann D, Linsenmair KE, Lück-Vogel M, Medinski TV, Meyfarth S, Mills A, Petersen A, Popp A, Poschlod P, Reisch C, Rossmanith E, Rubilar H, Schütze S, Seymour C, Simmons R, Smit GN, Strohbach M, Tews J, Tietjen B, Wesuls D, Wichmann M, Wieczorek M, Zimmermann I (2010): Impacts of landuse and climate change on the dynamics and biodiversity in the Thornbush Savanna Biome. - In: Hoffman, M. T., Schmiedel, U., Jürgens, N. [Eds.]: Biodiversity in southern Africa. Volume 3: Implications for landuse and management: pp. 33-74, Klaus Hess Publishers, Göttingen & Windhoek.

Selected Reports

  • Tietjen B, Cramer W, Böttcher H, Obersteiner M, Hunt A, Watkiss P (2011) Impacts of climate change on ecosystems and forests. Global Report Analysis. Climate Cost.
  • Tietjen B, Cramer W, Böttcher H, Obersteiner M, Hunt A, Watkiss P (2010) Impacts of climate change on ecosystems and forests. Report Analysis for Europe. Climate Cost.
  • Tietjen B, Cramer W, Böttcher H, Obersteiner M, Hunt A, Watkiss P (2009) Impacts of climate change on ecosystems and forests. Literature Report. ClimateCost.
  • Tietjen B (2009) Modellierung nachhaltiger Beweidungsstrategien in mediterranen, semiariden und ariden Systemen unter dem Einfluss klimatischer Veränderungen. Stipendienbericht Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.


  • Tietjen B (2009) Drylands under climate change - a novel ecohydrological modelling approach. PhD thesis
  • Tietjen B (2005) Aggregated modelling of disturbed and undisturbed rainforest dynamics. Diploma thesis
  • Mackay D, Cahill T, Webster E, Massey P, Tietjen B (CCPA/CNTC/ICCA-LRI Workshop, Mississauga, October 1, 2002) Evaluation of the fate of chemical substances, including phthalate esters, using a general physiologically-based pharmacokinetic model.