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Studying Abroad with Erasmus+

The Erasmus+ program is one of many opportunities you can choose if you would like to study at a European university for one or two semesters and have the coursework you complete abroad recognized at Freie Universität Berlin. A stay abroad is comparatively easy to organize with Erasmus+. You can choose from a wide variety of universities with which an agreement exists.

Our partnership database offers an overview of these universities. There you can also find plenty of testimonials from people who have studied abroad.

Below is a guide on how to apply for an Erasmus+ exchange.

  • Find a suitable university for an Erasmus+ study exchange in the partnership database.
  • Find out what is offered at that university and what modules or courses you would like to take there.
  • Decide which modules or courses you would like to earn credits for during your stay abroad.
  • Once you have made your decision, you can fill out the form “learning agreement” for your first choice only.
  • Do not send the form to the host university; simply add it to your application.
  • Put all necessary documents in one PDF file, with your full name in the PDF file’s title.
  • Send the application to erasmus@bcp.fu-berlin.de.
  • The selection process is usually completed within four weeks. You will be notified if you have received a placement.

A checklist can be found here.

The application deadline is January 31 for the following academic year.

Preparing for a Stay Abroad

Please read the tips and helpful information in our FAQs carefully. There you will find important information on subjects like what kind of insurance plan you’ll need for your stay abroad.