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Erasmus Coordinators

The Erasmus coordinators are responsible for helping you with subject-related questions, such as the finer details of the learning agreement. If you are planning on going on Erasmus, then please contact the coordinator responsible for your subject first before you have any contact with your chosen university. The Erasmus office is responsible for assisting you with more general questions like accommodation, forms, and semester dates.

Dr. Vanessa Zacher

Erasmus Coordinator for Biology (all degree programs)

+49 30 838 54840

Dr. Vanessa Zacher

Prof. Dr. Roland Bodmeier

Erasmus Coordinator for Pharmacy (all degree programs)

+49 30 838 50643


Dr. Bernhard Loll

Erasmus Coordinator for Biochemistry (all degree programs)

+49 30 838 57348

Dr. Bernhard Loll

Prof. Dr. Christoph A. Schalley

Erasmus Coordinator for Chemistry (all degree programs)

+49 30 838 52639