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Please include the following documents in one PDF file as part of your application:

(Checklist for download)

  • Printout of the online application form
    You create this document in the OUTGOING portal. Please do not wait until the application deadline on January 31, as you may experience technical difficulties or the portal may be shut down for maintenance. If you experience any technical difficulties please send an email to outgoing-erasmus@fu-berlin.de.
  • Short motivation letter in German or English (1-2 pages)
    Why exactly do you want to study at this university? How do the courses fit into your study program?
  • Curriculum Vitae in Tabular Form
  • Enrollment Certificate
  • Learning Agreement
    Do not send anything to your favorite host university. Only fill out the form “learning agreement” (pp. 1-2) and include it in your application.
  • Proof of your current academic status
     A printout from Campus Management, for MSc students: copy of your bachelor’s degree certificate – uncertified
  • Proof of language proficiency
    The language certificate must not have been acquired more than two years prior to application, minimum level: B1 or more, depending on the host university’s requirements. We ask that you seriously consider whether your language skills are sufficient to complete academic courses at your chosen partner university in the respective language. The Language Center issues language certificates following an exam. Please use the partner database to research whether you will need proof of language proficiency higher than B1 level at the host university. Even if the partner university does not specify any requirements, you have to hand in a language certificate indicating B1 proficiency for the language of instruction, which doesn’t necessarily have to be the country’s dominant language. If you are unable to submit your language certificate along with your application, we are usually able to extend the deadline to May or June.