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The Organic Chemistry

Takustraße 3

Takustraße 3
Image Credit: Fachbereich Biologie, Chemie, Pharmazie

The Organic Chemistry (abbreviation: OC) is located at Takustraße 3. Large parts of that building are currently under renovation, and are supposed to reopen soon with a grand new look. Only one wing is currently open, that mostly houses seminar rooms, as well as the Student Council's Office.

The Organic Chemistry groups are spread out over the campus: some reside at Takustraße 3, some in an interim building at Arnimallee 20, and some at the modern research center SupraFAB at Altensteinstraße 23a. The groups include Prof. Haag (Macromolecular Chemistry), Prof. Christmann (Natural Product Synthesis), Prof. Koksch (Bioorganic Chemistry), Prof. Pagel (Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry), Prof. Eigler (Carbon Nanomaterials), Prof. Schalley (Supramolecular Chemistry), and Prof. Tzschucke (Transition Metal Chemistry).