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Important information regarding the Orientation Events for the Master's program in Chemistry

Dear First-Years,

Please check out the information on the following pages. The first events will already take place starting October 8, 2024, and it is beneficial to attend.

Information for First-Years in Chemistry

Dear First-Year-Students in the Master’s Program in Chemistry,

We are very happy to welcome you at our Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry!

We have compiled an online course to prepare you for the beginning of your studies. Here, you can find details on the various aspects of studying. We ask you to click through the entire course and read the information carefully. This way we hope to answer as many questions as possible, before thins get serious.

Nevertheless, we will be happy to welcome you at our Orientation Event (you’ll learn more about that soon).

For those of you who have already studied with us in the Bachelor's program, some things are familiar, but some things are also new. Therefore, please go through the pages as well.

Let's go!