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Physical Chemistry

Arnimallee 22

Arnimallee 22
Image Credit: Fachbereich Biologie, Chemie, Pharmazie

The Physical Chemistry (abbreviation: PC) is located at Arnimallee 22. This building was reopened in 2019 after extensive refurbishment and is therefore furnished and equipped quite modern.

Here, you can find the Main Lecture Hall, Lecture Halls A and B, and several seminar rooms, as well as the groups of Prof. Paulus (Quantum Chemistry), Prof. Keller (Molecular Dynamics)Prof. Risse (Chemical Processes at Surfaces), Prof. Papp (Applied Physical Chemistry), Prof. Block (Biophysical Chemistry), and Prof. Heinke (Spectroscopy). In addition, the department's administration, including the Office of Academic Affairs and the Examination Office for Chemistry, are located here.There are seating areas in the lobby that invite you to study together, for example.