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Yomna Nassar wins prestigious Hans Günter Schäfer Science Award

News from Apr 08, 2024

In March, Yomna Nassar, one of our PhD students, was awarded the prestigious Hans Günter Schäfer Science Award 2024 for her innovative research published in the journal Cancers. Her research - "C-Reactive Protein as an Early Predictor of Efficacy in Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Patients" - provides evidence for the use the easy-to-measure C-reactive protein (CRP) as inflammation biomarker and early prognostic factor in lung cancer therapy. The award is endowed with 1,000 € donated by the Frankfurt Foundation Quality of Medicines (FFQM).

The award, a tribute to Dr. Hans Günter Schäfer, one of the founders of the PK/PD Expert Meeting and passionate scientist and mentor in the field, was handed to Yomna Nassar by Dr. Andreas Kovar (AGAH) and Dr. Alexander Staab (host of meeting) after her presentation on her publication at the 26th PK/PD Expert Meeting in Isny/Allgäu, Germany, under the auspices of the Association for Applied Human Pharmacology (AGAH).. The FFQM chairman expressed hope that this recognition would inspire Yomna Nassar to continue contributions to science. Congratulations, Yomna!

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