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Working Group Biochemistry

  • Committee with equal representation of students
  • Members are appointed by the institute council on the suggestion of the different member groups
  • The working group has one student chair chosen by the members of the sub-working group
  • Meetings always take place the week before the respective institute council convenes (advisory board)

Composition of members; Quorum:

  • The working group must comprise at least three students, two instructors, and one researcher
  • The student members must include at least one bachelor’s degree student, one bachelor’s degree student in a teacher training program, and one master’s degree student
  • Quorum: simple majority, but this must be comprised of at least two students and one member from other member groups, i.e., official decisions should involve as broad a variety of member groups as possible

Tasks of the Sub-Working Group for Biochemistry:

  • Act as an advisory board for all matters concerning studying and teaching at the Institute of Biology (proposed resolutions, statements/recommendations)
  • Contribute to the quality assurance sub-processes for studying and teaching
  • Contribute to and finalize position statements on the topic of establishing, revising, or discontinuing degree programs
  • Deal with all aspects of the degree programs within the teaching unit (degree program feasibility, general or specific problems with teaching, etc.)
  • Provide advice on central questionnaires, support interdisciplinary aspects of decentralized evaluations, determine courses of action that may need to be taken
  • Take responsibility for questionnaires and evaluations with a focus on studying and teaching (with the support of the staff specialist for studying and teaching and/or the office of academic affairs)
  • Provide position statements for requests for research semesters
  • Select recipients for the “Prize for Teaching” by the student members of the sub-working group and the student representatives for the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, who also evaluate the legitimacy and representativeness of questionnaires

  • Deal with “tasks” from the institute council and, where necessary, discuss issues and projects with the institute council and the department’s education committee


If you would like to contact the members of the Working Group Biochemistry, please send an email to akbiochemie@bcp.fu-berlin.de.

The e-mail address akbiochemie@lists.fu-berlin.de is only to be used for internal communication among the members of the education committee. Please note that any emails sent to this address by non-members will not be received.

Next meeting: tba

 (Webex, Link über akbiochemie@bcp.fu-berlin.de)

Minutes (in German)

The minutes of the meetings of the working groups (in German) can be found on the German website.



  • Professors: Prof. Dr. Florian Heyd
  • Scientic Staff: NN
  • Students: Farah El-Hauary, Jasmin El-Khabbaz, Dana Reddmann