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QC Seminar

Seminar on Quantum Chemistry

(LV-Nr 21391a)

Please note that due to the coronavirus outbreak, no seminars will be given at the university during the summer term 2021. Instead, online group seminars will be held via Webex. Links are given below.

The weekly online seminar will be held Tuesdays starting at 14:15.





Thobias Trebut       (TU Berlin)

Miguel Gonzales Cedeno

Investigation of the reversible uptake of protons in RuO2 and IrO2 under electrochemical conditions (research internship report - AG Heß),

 Theoretical study on electronic properties of metal-supported on BN/graphene heterostructures (mid-term. report Master thesis)


 Jona Tirana                       

Johannes Hannemann (15:15)

 Analyse der elektronischen Eigenschaften eines Pseudorotaxans
mittels Modelrechnung (BA defence in German)

Quantum chemical calculations for structural properties of anionic nickel fluoride complexes  (research internship report)

04.08 (Wed) 10:00

Alaa Altter                   

Mengshu Zhu

 First principle calculations for Ho(HF/H2O) cluster (research internship report)

First principle investigations of adsorption of phosporic acid derivatives on Pt (111) surface (research internship report)

08.09 (Wed) 14:15

Jingjing Shao

Electronic and transport properties of carbon based materials


Jakob Hein

t.b.a. (master thesis mid term report) 

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