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QC Seminar

Seminar on Quantum Chemistry

(LV-Nr 21391a)

Please note that due to the coronavirus outbreak, no seminars will be given at the university during the winter term 2020/2021. Instead, online group seminars will be held via Webex. Links are given below.

The weekly online seminar will be held Tuesdays starting at 14:15.

Date Speaker Title

Jingjing Shao

Electronic and transport properties of fluorinated graphene materials

10.11 Hannes Kneiding

Developing high performance materials through quantum mechanical simulations and genetic algorithms (master thesis report, comp. sci.)

17.11 Jerome Riedel

First principle simulations for excitonic energy transport in organic semiconductors (master thesis report, chem.)

shifted to: Friday, 4.12. 14:15

Lawrence Conrad

Theoretical Study of the Compound Class  HnNOPS (n = 0, 2, 4) (master thesis report, chem.)


Jiasheng Lai,
Manish Lohani

double feature: (two master defences supervised by Jan Götze, chem.)

The computational investigation and development of charge fitting process in comparison with Gaussian 16


Analysis of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Catalyzed Photoenolization/Diels-Alder Reaction



- no seminar -

Frederik Bader

Pair potential modelling of F3- in rare gas matrices

Andreas Achazi


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