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Self-Sorting Processes: Programmed Pseudorotaxanes and Supramolecular Capsules

In a multicomponent mixture of potential guests and hosts, self-sorting phenomena can direct self-assembly processes into the formation of only one or a small subset out of all possible assemblies.

Self-sorting is often categorized into the so-called narcissistic self-sorting, in which a molecule recognizes an identical copy of itself, but social self-sorting is also possible

The Schalley group has investigated a number of different supramolecular complexes with respect to self-sorting phenomena, inter alia pseudorotaxanes, calixarene capsules, metallo-supramolecular complexes and cucurbituril assemblies.

Integrative self-sorting of two divalent compounds, one axle bearing two different secondary ammonium ions and a crown ether dimer incorporating [21]crown-7 and [24]crown-8. The only product is the assembly with antiparallel axles and crown dimers


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