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Molecular Recognition: Receptor Chemistry and Anion Binding


Molecular recognition is the basis for almost all other processes in supramolecular chemistry, for example template effects, that organize the components in a suitable manner to obtain a certain geometrical arrangement, or self-assembly and self-sorting, with which the complexes of interest can be programmed.

The Schalley group has examined receptors for neutral molecules such as caffeine, investigated the binding interactions in amide pseudorotaxanes in detail with respect to substituent effects, and studied anion binding by weak forces such as anion-pi interactions and C-H...anion interactions. Dispersive interactions have been studied together with our cooperation partners in Aachen (Markus Albrecht) and Jyväskylä/Finland (Kari Rissanen).

Resorcinarene cavitand binding hexafluorophosphate through C-H...anion interactions



Dispersive Interactions


Anion Binding & Anion-pi Interactions


Amide Pseudorotaxanes


Caffeine Receptor