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Pagel Group

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Kevin Pagel


Organic Chemistry: Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry and Spectroscopy of Biomolecules

+49 (0)30 838 72703 (FU), +49 (0)30 8413 5646 (FHI)


Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Leïla Bechtella

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ion mobility-mass spectrometry of glycans and glycopeptides


Dr. Chun-Wei Chang

Postdoctoral Researcher

Mapping the mechanisms in glycosylation reactions through gas-phase infrared spectroscopy


Dr. Michael Götze

Postdoctoral Researcher

Development of glycosaminoglycan sequencing techniques

+49 (0)30 838 70019 (FU)


Dr. Rakesh Prabhu

Postdoctoral Researcher

Design and development of a novel, user-friendly analytical instrument that combines ion mobility-mass spectrometry with cold-ion infrared spectroscopy for glycan analysis


Dr. Gergő Péter Szekeres

Postdoctoral Researcher

Studying the structure of glycosaminoglycans and their interactions with proteins and lipids by ion mobility-mass spectrometry and advanced vibrational spectroscopy

+49 (0)30 8413 5640 (FHI)


Dr. Gaël Vos

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ion mobility-mass spectrometry and gas-phase infrared spectroscopy of glycosaminoglycans


Dr. Nicklas Österlund

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ion mobility-mass spectrometry and gas-phase infrared spectroscopy to study protein assembly, misfolding, and aggregation


PhD Candidates

M.Sc. Eunjin Moon

PhD candidate

Studying the interaction between glycosaminoglycans and amyloidogenic peptides through solution-phase techniques and ion mobility-mass spectrometry


M.Sc. Wesley Pietsch

PhD Candidate

Method development for sequencing of glycosaminoglycans using solid-state nanopores


M. Sc. Łukasz Polewski

PhD Candidate

Ion mobility-mass spectrometry and gas-phase infrared spectroscopy of glycosaminoglycan-metal complexes

+49 (0)30 838 70019 (FU)


M. Sc. Jerome Riedel

PhD Candidate

Ion mobility-mass spectrometry and data analysis of IR and mass spectra


M. Sc. Marc Safferthal

PhD candidate

Ion mobility-mass spectrometry and cryogenic gas-phase IR spectroscopy of glycans and glycopeptides


Apotheker Tom Schumann

PhD Candidate

Development of methods for sequencing glycosaminoglycans by using biological nanopores


M. Sc. Dana Wehner

PhD Candidate

Machine-Learning-assisted studying of mechanisms in glycosylation reactions

Dana Wehner

Former PhD Candidates

Dr. Carla Kirschbaum 10/2019–02/2023 Dr. Kim Greis   11/2019 - 07/2023
Dr. Christian Manz 04/2016–11/2022

Dr. Maike Lettow

11/2017 - 12/2022
Dr. Eike Mucha 04/2016–02/2020

Dr. Márkó Grabarics

01/2017 - 04/2022
Dr. Waldemar Hoffmann 04/2015–10/2018 Dr. Leonhard Urner 04/2015–10/2018
Dr. Melanie Göth 09/2013–12/2017 Dr. Johanna Hofmann 11/2012–12/2017

Former Master Students

Marc Safferthal 07/2021–02/2022    
Michele Pugini 12/2018–12/2019 Łukasz Polewski 03/2019–10/2019
Carla Kirschbaum 03/2019–09/2019 Kim Greis 02/2019–09/2019
Rayoon Chang 05/2018–11/2018 Xiao Jakob Schmitt 04/2018–07/2018
Maike Lettow 10/2017–04/2018 Sebastian Malerz 10/2016–04/2017
Christian Manz 08/2016–03/2017 Alexandra Stuckmann 06/2016–12/2016
Eike Mucha 09/2015–03/2016 Waldemar Hoffmann 09/2014–03/2015

Former Bachelor Students

    Antonia Knull 08/2020–10/2020
Andor Kristen 12/2019–02/2020 Jennifer Langenhan  07/2017–09/2017
Carla Kirschbaum 06/2017–07/2017 Yasmine Maier 02/2017–05/2017
Gita Savitri Devi 02/2017–04/2017 Aygül Göküs 08/2016–10/2016
Halil Metin 08/2016–10/2016 Rayoon Chang 07/2016–08/2016
Olga Taradaeva 04/2016–06/2016 Nele-Marie Bohn 03/2016–05/2016
Samira Marlen Gulich 10/2015–12/2016 Anne-Katrin Stegemann 04/2015–07/2015
Xiao Jakob Schmitt 09/2014–11/2014 Deniz Demirkan 08/2014–11/2014
Alexandra Stuckmann 08/2014–09/2014 Waldemar Hoffmann 01/2013–03/2013