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Glycan Fingerprinting via Cold-Ion Infrared Spectroscopy

Glycan analysis using IR spectroscopy

News from Jun 12, 2017


The diversity of stereochemical isomers present in glycans and glycoconjugates poses a formidable challenge for comprehensive structural analysis. Typically, sophisticated mass spectrometry (MS)-based techniques are used in combination with chromatography or ion-mobility separation. However, coexisting structurally similar isomers often render an unambiguous identification impossible. Other powerful techniques such as gas-phase infrared (IR) spectroscopy have been limited to smaller glycans, since conformational flexibility and thermal activation during the measurement result in poor spectral resolution. This limitation can be overcome by using cold-ion spectroscopy. The vibrational fingerprints of cold oligosaccharide ions exhibit a wealth of well-resolved absorption features that are diagnostic for minute structural variations. The unprecedented resolution of cold-ion spectroscopy coupled with tandem MS may render this the key technology to unravel complex glycomes.

go to article DOI: 10.1002/anie.201702896

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