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Startup NoVirall (Programm „EXIST Forschungstransfer“ des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie)

The entrepreneurial goal of this spin-off project of Freie Universität Berlin is to establish an innovative and dynamic Berlin-based polymer technology company focused on the development and production of virucidal materials for pathogen-free indoor air. As a formulation and coating developer, we focus on virucidal coatings against infectious agents such as influenza A (seasonal influenza) and SARS-CoV-2 (agent of the COVID-19 pandemic). As part of the project, we will optimize our platform technology, which we have already successfully developed and produced at the laboratory scale, and launch a pipeline for the company's future development. We are confident that our technology and expertise will lead to a new virucidal air purification technology that can be used in a versatile and successful manner. By adding value to air filter manufacturers, we will establish a key market position.

Production of air filters that render viruses harmless


Image Credit: NoVirall