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ERC Project HighPotOx



The very well-known concept of formal oxidation states, used e. g. for redox reactions is one of the most fundamental ones in general chemistry. However, in the area of very strong oxidizers even the familiar oxido(-II) ligand becomes redox-innocent and assigning oxidation states becomes ambiguous.

Very strong (super-) oxidizers are compounds whose oxidizing strength exceeds that of elemental F2. Anyhow, not only molecular oxidizer but also their interaction with the environment in different media needs to be considered, as these dramatically affect their intrinsic oxidizing strength.

Here we aim in the investigation of novel conjugate oxidizer/Lewis or Brønsted acid systems with extremely high ox. power. These new ox. media make use of the alliance of high ox. strength and Lewis /Brønsted super acidity. The investigation and development of oxidizers is of essential interest in all areas of chemistry and beyond.

Unfortunately a detailed understanding of this fundamental chemistry is still lacking. The HighPotOx project will guide us in a systematic discovery of the systems with high application potential in terms of selectivity and disposability, and oxidizing systems with high to ultrahigh oxidation potentials, and into the chemical terra incognita of fragile molecules at the edge of stability.