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Dr. rer. nat. Jerome Jatzlau

Jerome studied Biology at the Freie Universität Berlin with a focus on molecular and cellular biology from 2009 until 2014. He received the degree Master of Science with excellence in September of 2014. Since December 2014 Jerome is a member of the Knaus lab. In his research Jerome focuses on the visualization and characterization of BMP/TGFβ receptor complexes in the context of vascular biology. During his PhD, he described the function of a vascular bed specific BMP/ TGFβ receptor, UNC5B. Further he is interested in BMP receptor mutations that drive mechano-context dependent vascular malformations such as Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. At the end of 2019 Jerome completed his PhD honored with “summa cum laude”.

Within the SFB1444Directed Cellular Self-Organisation for Advancing Bone Regeneration” he currently works together with the group of Prof. Stefan Mundlos at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics to study the effects of mechanical stimulation on vascular chromatin conformation and gene expression. Also he aims to further push the capabilities of BMP/TGFβ receptor visualization using super resolution microscopy techniques such as STED.

Jerome is part of the team teaching lipid and membrane biochemistry for Bachelor students at the Biochemistry department of FU Berlin and signaling for Doctoral candidates at (BSRT) Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies (BSRT, DFG Graduate School 203).




Signal Transduction

jerome.jatzlau (at) fu-berlin.de

Biochemisches Blockpraktikum- Lipide und Membranen

Method Module: Growth Factor Signaling and Interplay with Cell Mechanics

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