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M.Sc. Leon Obendorf

Leon joined the Knaus Group during his bachelor's thesis and returned
after performing his master thesis in the molecular design group of Prof.
Gerhard Wolber. He received a scholarship from the International
Max-Planck Research School for Biology and Computation (IMPRS-BAC)and
started his PhD in the Knaus group in summer 2023.

Currently he is working on computational structural biology of receptor
complexes & signal transduction using RosettaCommons, AlphaFold multimer,
OpenMM (molecular dynamics simulations) mainly in the context of the rare
genetic disease Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva.

In September 2023 Leon won a German-wide science slam competition from the
Leon Obendorf - Credit: David Aussenhofer


Signal Transduction

Thielallee 63
14195 Berlin

Biochemisches Blockpraktikum- Lipide und Membranen

Methods of Science communication (VV 216709)